We are Desi and Mimi and Rosenoilbg was our dream. 
We are sisters and in early 2018 we decided to launch a new idea - Rosenoilbg.

Our original 💡idea in 2018 was to produce rose water and oil ourselves. Then we made a business plan and calculated a business case.
But everything changed 360 degrees. Now we want to show all these unique Bulgarian brands of cosmetics. Each of them has its own identical and unique story and it must be shown. 

I thought about own business very often. A very close friend of mine from Switzerland visited me and told me how his father was a professor and developed a new cosmetic line. And I was extremely fascinated to hear his whole story. But my first question was "Do these products contain rose oil?" Then, during his entire stay, I inflated his head and told him everything about the Damascene Rose, the Valley of Roses. And early Monday morning I called him and told him “I have an idea. I'm starting. "

We stand 100% behind what we do. What motivates us is that many of our followers write to us, "Super idea", Great initiative, "Continue"! This is the time of great opportunities!

Desislava  Vasileva, Co-Founder

I live and work in Germany since 2010, during my education I lived in the Netherlands and in Switzerland.

My passion is painting. In my small Atelier in Frankfurt I paint in my free time. My favorite artists are Reluca Vulkan, Van Gogh, Voka.

Two years ago me and my sister and established together Rosenoilbg. We want to popularize Bulgarian Rose and the bulgarian roseoil and rose water.
We want that every woman all over the word knows that Damascena Rose comes from Bulgaria.

Mariya Vasileva, Co-Founder

I live and work in Sofia. During my aducation I lived for one year in Germany.

During my free time I do sports, read books and spend time with my family. Before starting with Rosenoilbg, I worked on different business ideas. Actually Rosenoilbg is my third idea I had.