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Rose Water TRAKE

Made of 100% natural water obtained by direct distillation of fresh hand-picked blossoms of Rosa Damascena, Trake is the first premium organic rose water produced in Bulgaria containing a high level of rose oil. Known for its exceptional useful properties, the Bulgarian Rosa Damascena is considered one of the most precious natural sources since thousands of petals are required to produce a single magical drop of the oil. Grown in the unique weather and soil conditions of Bulgaria, the flower offers one of the most specific and attractive scents in the world.

Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Alcohol Denat, Citronellol, Geraniol.

  • Cleansing: Rose water is a great cleanser and helps to remove the oil and dirt accumulated in the clogged pores.
  • Hydrating The Skin: The water is rich in flavonoids and vitamins, including A, C, D, E and B3. Rose Water is used for nourishing and applied in hydrating facial masks.
  • Anti-aging and Energizing: Wet a soft cotton ball with chilled rose water and dab it on а cleansed skin. Its specific properties help to tighten the pores and gently tone the skin.
  • Soothing The Skin: Rose water has also many healing and extremely beneficial properties. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help you reduce the redness of irritated skin, alleviate acne, dermatitis, and eczema. It can also be very useful in treating scars, cuts, and wounds.
  • А beneficial effect on hair: Add to a bathing water and shampoo or use a cup of rose water as a final rinse. It conditions the hair deeply, adding a healthy shine that you will just love.
  • A Supplement in Cosmetics: Add a few drops to face creams and body lotions. Rose water helps to maintain the skin’s pH balance and controls the excess oily skin.
  • Aromatherapy: Add a few drops to an aroma lamp. The scent of roses is claimed to be a powerful mood enhancer. It helps you to get rid of bad emotions and feelings of anxiety and makes you feel relaxed.